Monday, January 25, 2010

Sustainable Development= WINNING!


Think Impact did not place in the top 10 spots during the Chase Giving Challenge. While this news may seem disappointing for some, I was still optomistic and excited when I heard the news because while we didn't win a place to earn us boat loads of dough, we did create extreme awareness about the organization, how sustainable development is effective and had a great time competing. The proof was in the checks that came to my house to help sponsor the Women's Action Center. It was a great day Saturday! Funny how there can be a positive that comes from a negative situation.

Since the beginning of this adventure as a Fellow, I worried about raising the funds for the Action Center, and now I can see that in a week things can turn around. It's exciting. But while I'm feeling good about the propects of raising the cash needed, I still am nervous. This week is going to be full of inquires to women's groups around the country, and working on the Do Something Award, that Pepsi is sponsoring. The Do Something award is similar to a grant, but it allows young people to apply for money to help "do something" positive in the community. This award is applicable abroad, and you can talk about what you have already done, what you will do or what you want to do new. I'm feeling great about this award, because while in Kenya, the women started their own soap business, so my project would be adding to something that already exists!

More to come...

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